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Years after years, the need for fresh cool air in our home is undoubtedly increasing, especially during summer time. It’s always a bad idea to go into the heat with a malfunctioning air conditioner during hot summer. One of the most common problem of malfunction air conditioner is that instead of blowing fresh cool air, it blows warm or hot air. This surely makes you uncomfortable to stay at home.

Whether you believe or not, most home owner don’t check their ac until they feel hot. The problem is you’re not the only one, many others doing the same like you, wait until the last minute. This surely can lead to frustration. You feel hot, and you call the air conditioner service providers, but they say you still on their long waiting list, and ask you to be patient before they get your system repaired. What an unpleasant condition you’re going through. So, let me tell you what to do when your ac is blowing warm air. I hope this can help you while you wait the real technician ready to repair your ac system.

Why Does the Air Conditioner Start Blowing Warm or Hot Air?

Missetting on the ac mode
Most air conditioner unit is equipped with several modes for user convenience. The first thing to check is to make sure you don’t set the wrong mode. make sure you set your air conditioner into “cool” mode and not “fan” mode. The fan mode is used to make your ac works like a big fan, this setting will not cool the air.

If you have set the correct setting, but still your ac blows warm air, there are other causes you may take a look:

Clogged air filter

An air filter in air conditioner is used to filter dust and dirt for getting into the system, and blows clean air through the fan. The filter can be filled with dust and dirt during the operation of air conditioner, therefore it clogs an air flow of your ac. Depending on the model, some air conditioner allow the filter to be cleanse, but some others not. You may try to open the manual guide and find a way to clean the filter. However if you cannot clean it, you still can replace the filter with a new one. It’s not an expensive parts, that’s why some professionals suggest to replace your air filter once or twice a month.

Broken compressor unit

The compressor works by absorbing gas from refrigerant to cool the air inside the system, then push out the cool air into your room. It is vital to have the compressor working properly, if you want cool air inside your house. If it’s broken all your air conditioner can do is blowing hot air instead of a cool one.
It’s complicated to fix without any help of the professional. You need to call out air conditioner repair service to fix broken compressor, and bring back cold and refreshing air to your home.

Your Refrigerant Is Broken

Air Conditioner Blowing Warm AirLike its name, the main function of refrigerant is to refrigerates or cool the air. The malfunction of this part will cause the unit to blow only a normal air, not a cool one. This is the most common cause of blowing warm air in ac. if this is really happen, the only solution is to call the professional air conditioner repair service, to do full system check, look for problems and fix them for good.

By doing all these tips you may ensure your air conditioner working normally and you can spend your entire summer with pleasant feeling, since your air conditioner doesn’t blow warm air anymore.