Air Conditioner Parts

Condenser, compressor, and evaporator are three basic parts which form air conditioner. The evaporator is located inside the unit itself, while the others located outside.

Air conditioner works by cooling a liquid, such as freon. The compressor works to compress that liquid into gas. This process makes the liquid cooler and releases heat in exchange. With the help of fan, the heat is radiated outside. Next, the liquid will enter the condenser and start to absorb heat from the surroundings. This process will automatically reconvert this liquid back into gas. Since the surroundings heat has been absorbed, they become cooler. This entire process will run over and over again until the room temperature lower and reach the degree you have set in your ac setting.

Apart from the three primary Air Conditioner Components, an air conditioning unit also contains a hot coil on the exterior in order to dissipate hot air, a cool coil located in the inside is used to absorb heat, 2 blower fans (1 inside and 1 outside) and also a control circuit to change the temperature setting. It is made by altering the fans’ rotation speed by using a potentiometer.

The most significant and costly Air conditioning Component is definitely the ac compressor. Manufacturers provide you with warranties on your ac compressor and a high quality ac compressor can perform effectively for many years. Brand new compressors can be purchased and set up in to the ac unit in case the original one has troubles. It will be perfect to get an ac compressor manufactured by the same brand as the other ac parts. Yet, it might be important to mention that not many brand produce their unique compressors; the others only purchase it and use it inside their products.

Evaporators and condenser can be replaced also. Similar case applies for that heating and cooling coils. Troubles inside the coils result in poor heat dissipation, thereby leading to ineffective results. Blowers are definitely the simplest parts of the ac unit to replace. These are simply installed by screws the outdoor unit of the ac and simply with wires towards the air conditioning circuit board.

Another part of the air conditioner will be its external cover. This cover does not have any additional function other than to provide a good visual appeal to this air conditioner. It’s usually built from molded plastic material and it is available in a variety of colours and styles. The same goes for control keys and knobs. The water-carrying duct is important in case the air conditioner confronts the street outside.